Gerard Schrom


Gerard’s passion has always been teaching — guiding others in a meaningful way. As an attorney, he gets to do even more. People come to Gerard for help when they’re facing difficult challenges, and he gets to lead them, support them, and raise their spirits in a way that influences their lives for the better. 

Neil Botel


At heart, Neil is a civil rights activist who went into law to help level the playing field between the powerful and the powerless. He has secured American Sign Language interpretation services in Philadelphia hospitals and helped achieve greater fairness in prisoner rights cases throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

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Police Brutality

Law enforcement officials are supposed to provide security to the citizens of their communities, but what happens when a police officer turns against you? 

Nicole Bernie encountered this very scenario when, in the middle of a domestic dispute, she dialed 911 in her own defense. 

Rather than protection, Bernie received injuries that ultimately led to a seizure from the corrupt officer who responded to her call. When she contacted attorney Gerard Schrom, he immediately filed a lawsuit against the Darby Township Police Department for excessive force and violation of Bernie’s constitutional rights. He won the case and continues to help others in similar situations today.

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We remember what it's like to be recent grads, and we want to help show others the way.



Although law school teaches you many valuable things, how to land a job is not always one of them. Books and lectures can’t tell you everything you need to know in the real world, and not all recent graduates have a network of experienced attorneys they can rely on for professional advice.

We’d like to establish a smoother path to success. We’ve had more than 50 student interns over the years, and now we’d like to partner with young lawyers looking to start their careers in the Philadelphia area. We would love the opportunity to walk you through case management programs and how to obtain a space to practice. In addition, we’d make ourselves available to you 24/7 via Skype to answer any questions that arise. If this opportunity interests you, contact us at either our Newtown Square or Media office.

We are competitive by nature & We thrive in the courtroom

When the lights turn on and the show starts, we are energized and ready to go. Everything leads into that moment. 

When clients initially meet with us, they typically first notice how calm and caring we are toward them. We make a concerted effort to be empathetic because we know our clients are generally dealing with very tough circumstances. However, do not mistake our kindness for weakness. 

Most of us grew up playing sports and eventually got into law because we are competitive and ambitious by nature. Because of our innate passion, we litigate with heart and emphasis.

A Balanced Approach 

Yet, although we are zealous in the courtroom, we never lose sight of the facts. Our experience has trained us to be organized and polished rather than reactive. We are simply strong on the law with an emotional hook. 

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On October 26th, an East Goshen couple in their 50′s left their home to take a walk around their neighborhood. Little did they know that a short while later, they would be rushed to the Paoli Hospital emergency room to treat multiple dog bite wounds.

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Many Philadelphia residents are aware that pit bulls have a bad reputation. While advocates of the breed suggest that pit bull injuries and fatalities are the result of poor training and care on the owner’s part, the fact remains that the statistics...

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