Dog named Daisy

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Hi. My name is "Daisy Star." I am a ruff-ceptionist here at Schrom, Shaffer & Botel. My litter-mate sister is "Penny Bryne." We are golden retrievers. We are two years old. We come to the office most days with our dad, Gerard. He cares for us really well, gives us treats, and takes us to the park before we come to work. We greet everyone at the door. I put my head in your lap and look at you with my big brown eyes and smile. I have a tiny white star on my forehead and had a rough start in my life. My hips were severely displaced when I was born, but with special supplements, diet, exercise, and the love from my dad, mom, and human brother and sister — Gregory and Gigi — I am a healthy, happy, and strong dog now. Dad takes us everywhere with him, but we mostly love to come to work. I am mom's favorite. If you come to our office, you can visit Penny and me.