Being charged with a crime is frightening. If you are convicted, you need to consult with a Philadelphia attorney specializing in appeals. With prison time, fines and a permanent criminal record looming in your future, the only thing you can do is appeal your case.

Choosing The Right Philadelphia Appeals Attorney

You may be tempted to continue using your same attorney for an appeal because they are familiar with your case, but this may not be the wisest decision. For starters, you may have been convicted of the crime you were charged with due to ineffective counsel. Second, it is almost always beneficial to have another attorney look over your case, as he or she may see things that were missed during the original trial.

Appellate law can be exceedingly complex, especially in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It is important that you have a Philadelphia based appeals attorney on your side who is well versed in appellate law and can provide you with the defense you need in the appellate court.

At the Law Offices Of Schrom & Shaffer, P.C., we have successfully represented a number of clients in appellate court and want to bring our skills and resources to your case. We will go over your case with a fine toothed comb to find everything we can to increase your chances of winning your appeal and having your conviction overturned.