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Being charged with child abuse is scary. You need a Philadelphia based child abuse attorney you can trust on your side.

Many people who are facing child abuse charges are normal, honest people who are being falsely accused (such as during a custody dispute) or who had an isolated lapse in judgement and deeply regret losing control. However, the prosecutors who are involved in child abuse cases are out for blood and rarely consider what might have really happened.

Can A Philadelphia Child Abuse Attorney Help Me?

Before you make a statement to the police or anyone else, you must consult with an experienced and unbiased criminal defense attorney. At the Law Firm Of Schrom & Shaffer, P.C., we have proven success in defending our clients against child abuse allegations and understand the sensitive nature of these types of cases. It is our goal to protect your rights under the law, because even if the original accuser retracts his or her statement and no longer wishes to press charges – for example, in the case of false allegations in an attempt to manipulate or control you – the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will still pursue the charges.

Child abuse charges must be taken seriously, because they are so often convicted, even without proper evidence. Having a skilled child abuse lawyer at your side who understands child abuse laws to fight for your rights and freedoms is imperative if you are to avoid jail time and a permanent criminal record with “child abuse” stamped on it. Visit our office in Newtown Square or Media to learn more.