Many Philadelphia residents are aware that pit bulls have a bad reputation. While advocates of the breed suggest that pit bull injuries and fatalities are the result of poor training and care on the owner’s part, the fact remains that the statistics related to pit bull bites are staggering. In just the first five months of 2013, 95% of all dog fatalities in this time frame were caused by pit bulls. From 1991-1998, pit bulls killed on average, 3 people every year. However, from 2005-2012, pit bulls were responsible for an average of 19 deaths each year. Clearly, pit bull attacks are getting out of hand.

What Makes Pit Bulls So Dangerous?

Most dogs release immediately after they bite. In fact, biting is a last resort for many breeds, and is only used after all other warning signs were given and the dog sees no other way out of a situation they are uncomfortable in. While other dogs will retreat after a bite, pit bulls give no warning signs before attacking and will often “shake and hold” after biting instead of releasing. This causes catastrophic injuries, and has even resulted in the loss of limb, severe blood loss and death of victims of pit bull attacks. Unfortunately, pit bulls usually only release their bite once they are dead.

Children Are Most at Risk

Children are most at risk from fatal injuries from pit bulls, simply because of their small size. When a child becomes the victim of a vicious pit pull that bites and refuses to let go, their internal organs can be damaged or they can easily bleed out just a few seconds into the attack. News stories of young children losing their lives to pit bulls pepper the nation, and few actually survive the injuries.

Banning Pit Bulls?

Many countries across the world have begun enacting legislation that makes it illegal to own a pit bull. Canada, Great Britain, Australia, France, Ireland and Germany have all put laws in place that regulates the ownership of this dangerous breed. In the United States, pit bulls are regulated in the states of Colorado, Iowa, Florida, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Ohio, New Mexico, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky and the District of Columbia. In these areas, public safety has trumped the right to own pit bulls as a pet.

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself?

Protecting yourself and your loved ones from pit bull attacks is critical to your safety and survival. Never approach a pit bull, and educate your children that pit bulls are dangerous and should not be engaged with. If you have neighbors or friends with pit bulls, insist that their dogs be kept safely away at all times. Contact local authorities immediately if you believe a dog to be a problem.

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