If you have been a victim of negligence, Delaware County based negligence lawyers Schrom & Shaffer, P.C. may be able to help you recover damages.

Trusting a medical professional to your care can be a frightening experience – you are putting your health and your very life in the hands of another person. Even if you’re very comfortable with your doctors and are certain that they will do their job to the best of their ability when caring for you, they can still be negligent. Doctors, nurses, surgeons and paramedics who are overworked and haven’t gotten enough sleep, are preoccupied or distracted or are even untrained can be negligent in your case. This can not only cause you to be injured seriously, but it can also cost you your life.

Examples Of Negligence

Negligence can happen anywhere, even if you think you are surrounded by professionals who always do their best and care about you as a patient and a person. Examples of negligence include but are not limited to:

  • Hospital negligence

  • Physician negligence

  • Nursing negligence

  • Paramedic negligence

  • Nursing home negligence

  • Surgical negligence

  • Other medical negligence

How Delaware County Negligence Lawyers Can Help You Start A Case

If you believe that you or someone you love have been victimized by the negligence of another person and have sustained injuries as a result, you may be eligible to see financial restitution for your injuries, pain and suffering. At the Law Firm of Schrom & Shaffer, P.C., we understand the challenges you are facing and are committed to supporting you in any way possible.