Have a criminal record? An expungement lawyer based in Montgomery County could help you clear your name.

What Is An Expungement?

An expungement is a motion filed with the court petitioning that the records of past criminal charges be cleared from searchable databases, such as the databases that employers use to do background checks.

Why Would Someone Need An Expungement?

Carrying around a criminal record for the rest of your life can make things very difficult for you. It will be harder – if not impossible – to get a high paying job, as most employers nowadays do background checks. Once they find you have a criminal record, they will likely not hire you – and they usually don’t stop to ask what the circumstances surrounding the charges were. It may also be more difficult for you to get credit cards, a home loan or even rent an apartment.

Can A Montgomery County Expungement Lawyer Tell Me If I’m Eligible?

Not all records are eligible for expungement, but some are, including but not limited to:

  • Any charge that was found not guilty after trial, dismissed or withdrawn

  • Anyone under Section 17 supervision as long as all court requirements have been met, such as fines and probation conditions

  • Underage drinking charges can be expunged after the defendant turns 21

If you have met all of the requirements of the court and want to know if you are eligible to have your records expunged, you need to contact a seasoned Philadelphia expungment attorney. At the Law Firm of Schrom & Shaffer, P.C., we can determine if your case is eligible for expungement and will petition the court to have your records cleared.