If you have a bench warrant against you, it should be handled immediately. A bench warrant attorney from Philadelphia can help.

At first, a bench warrant may not seem like a big deal. Usually issued for not paying court ordered fines or missing a court date, a bench warrant is a warrant issued by a judge “from the bench.” Unlike an active warrant, it does not give law enforcement the authority to visit your place of employment or your residence to arrest you. This is why so many people fail to take bench warrants seriously.

What Will Happen If I Am Issued A Bench Warrant?

If you are issued a bench warrant, law enforcement has the authority to take you into custody at any time. Even though they are not actively seeking you out, they can still arrest you if they are able to look up your information and see that you have a bench warrant against you. This commonly happens at routine traffic stops. You think you’re only getting stopped for speeding, when all of a sudden the officer is asking you to get out of your car and put your hands behind your back.

How A Philadelphia Bench Warrant Attorney Can Help You

A bench warrant can be quashed, but usually only with the assistance of a qualified Philadelphia attorney specializing in bench warrant law. At the Law Offices of Schrom & Shaffer, P.C., we know the consequences that being issued a bench warrant can have and we will help you get it quashed as quickly as possible.