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If you’ve been charged with a firearms crime, you need the help of a seasoned firearm attorney located in Pennsylvania as soon as possible.

If you are convicted of firearm charges, you will likely face severe penalties. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania takes firearm charges seriously and the District Attorneys will pursue the harshest punishments possible in your case if you are found guilty of the gun crimes you are being charged with. There are also mandatory sentences under the law, which are not arguable. For example, if you are caught selling or trafficking drugs and have a firearm in your possession, you will face a mandatory prison sentence of five years.

Common Firearm Charges In Pennsylvania

Some of the more common firearm charges in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania include but are not limited to:

  • Possession of a firearm by a minor 

  • Carrying a firearm with an altered or erased serial number

  • Carrying concealed without a CCW permit

  • Carrying a firearm by a person prohibited (such as a person who has been convicted of a felony)

  • Gun permit revocations

How To Best Defend Your Right To Bear Arms With The Help Of A Firearm Attorney From Pennsylvania

For many people, their Second Amendment right to bear arms is very important to them. Facing firearm charges could have that right taken away if your are convicted. Your best defense against charges of this nature is to consult a skilled firearm attorney located in Philadelphia who has specialized knowledge of the complicated laws surrounding firearms in Pennsylvania.