If you’ve been charged with stalking, you need someone on your side you can trust. Contacting a Montgomery County stalking attorney today can help you clear your name and your reputation.

Stalking is a crime that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania takes very seriously. Stalking is defined as knowingly engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific person and that would cause a reasonable person to:

  • Fear physical harm or injury

  • Suffer significant mental anguish

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the crime, you could be charged with either a misdemeanor or a felony. You will most likely be charged with a felony and sentenced to incarceration if you are found guilty of any of the following aggravating factors in addition to stalking:

  • The victim is a minor and you are an adult (over the age of 18)

  • The victim was threatened with death or other serious injury

  • You possessed a deadly weapon at the time of the stalking

  • The victim is an elderly individual

  • You were in violation of an existing no contact order or restraining order

  • The victim was physically harmed during the stalking

How To Defend Yourself Against Stalking Charges With The Help Of A Stalking Attorney Based In Montgomery County

Since the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will take the charges of stalking seriously and begin compounding a case against you, you need to take the charges seriously as well and begin working with a Pennsylvania stalking lawyer to begin building your defense.