Gerard Schrom

Whether in the classroom or the courtroom, Gerard lives to teach and inspire others. He presents a calm and caring demeanor when meeting with clients but is competitive and persistent in trial. His work has won him numerous awards, including the American Jurisprudence Award, the Freedoms Found Scholar, and the Federal Bar Association Award.

Neil Botel

Neil is not your average attorney — he is a published writer who got his start in the construction and transportation industries. His diverse background, coupled with his passion for civil rights, gives him many advantages in the courtroom. Neil understands the common man, and he is relentlessly dedicated to empowering those who have been victimized.

Daisy Star

Hi. My name is "Daisy Star." I am a ruff-ceptionist here at Schrom, Shaffer & Botel. My litter-mate sister is "Penny Brynne." We are golden retrievers. We are two years old. We come to the office most days with our dad, Gerard.

Penny Brynne

Hi. My name is "Penny Brynne." I am a paw-relagal here at Schrom, Shaffer & Botel. My sister is "Daisy Star" but I think that I am the boss. We are young girls, just two years in age. I am the one who greets you at the door with my squeaky bark.