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If you’ve been charged with manslaughter, your life is on the line. Contact a seasoned manslaughter attorney located in Philadelphia right away to fight the charges against you.

Being accused of killing another human being is an incredibly terrifying experience. What will happen to you and your family if you are convicted? What will happen to your reputation if you aren’t? Will you go to jail? Even if you are being charged with manslaughter and not murder, you still face exceptionally harsh penalties and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is not known for leniency in this area of law but rather, for aggressive prosecutors who will do anything to see the person accused of manslaughter behind bars.

How A Manslaughter Attorney Based In Philadelphia Can Help You

At the Law Firm of Schrom & Shaffer, P.C., we understand that not all killings are the same and that the circumstances surrounding a person’s death are especially important. While the prosecutor is fighting to put you in jail, we will be fighting for the charges against you to be reduced or cleared completely. If you are convicted, we will advocate for you to receive the lightest penalty possible. We will go the extra mile to support you throughout the entire case, from start to finish.

If you are being accused of manslaughter or have already been charged, it is important to begin building your defense immediately. You can be sure that the State will be conducting an investigation to find evidence that supports your guilt, and you need to be compiling your own evidence that supports your innocence.