The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is a “3 Strikes” law state. Facing a third felony conviction is serious and requires the advice of a seasoned 3 strikes lawyer located in Philadelphia. The 3 strikes law is considered the harshest sentencing law in the U.S., apart from non-capital sentencing.

What Is The 3 Strikes Law?

For a third felony conviction, if the defendant has two previous “serious” felony convictions, a life sentence is mandatory. Serious felonies can include rape and murder, or lesser crimes such as burglary and other thefts. Under the 3 Strikes law, the third felony doesn’t have to be considered “serious.” It can be something as simple as petty theft or even possession of a minor amount of drugs for personal use.

Can A Philadelphia 3 Strikes Lawyer Help With A Third Felony Charge?

If you are currently being charged with a third felony charge, you are under serious threat. Even if the felony charge you are facing is considered minor, you will automatically be sentenced to life in prison under the 3 Strikes law. It is essential that you contact a qualified 3 strikes lawyer from Philadelphia who can assist you in building a solid defense to ensure that you are exonerated of the charges instead of convicted and sent to prison.

At the Law Offices Of Schrom & Shaffer, P.C., we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to stand up against the prosecution’s tactics. They will do everything possible to put you behind bars for life, but we will do everything in our power to make sure the charges against you are dismissed.