Daycare Negligence

If your child has been harmed at daycare, you need a daycare negligence lawyer located in Pennsylvania you can trust.

As much as you’d like to stay home and care for your child yourself, in today’s world, that is not always possible. To provide for your family’s needs, you have to work, run errands and do other things that require you to be away from your child and for someone else to care for them in your stead. Daycares are available to meet those needs, and most facilities are trustworthy enough to leave your child there. Most of the time, parents can drop off and pick up their children without incident.

However, when a daycare is understaffed or staffed with poorly trained individuals, children can become injured as a result. If the daycare attendant that was supposed to be watching or caring for your child is negligent in his or her duties, your child will be the one to suffer.

How A Pennsylvania Daycare Negligence Lawyer Can Help You

Daycare negligence takes many forms, including poor supervision that enables a child to get hurt on play equipment or failure to change a diaper often enough to prevent a serious rash from developing. No matter what type of injury your child has suffered from at daycare, it is important for you to contact a qualified personal injury attorney who will advocate for the rights of your child and your family.

At the Law Firm of Schrom & Shaffer, P.C., we understand how frightening it can be when a child is injured while in someone else’s care. We are committed to making sure that those who neglected their responsibilities to care for your child are held accountable for their actions.