Demi Wines

I love the law, especially the thrill of going to court with my boss and sitting second chair. I sat second chair in the Third Circuit of Appeals, where the judges wrote about my excellent work highlighted in a Precedential Opinion, which changed a law in the state of Pennsylvania. I also was recognized by Middle District of Pennsylvania, Magistrate Judge Thomas M. Blewitt in 2006, and being personally invited to his chambers for a warm outreach of his handshake for a job well done. I enjoy criminal defense law and dealing with the courts, district attorneys, judges and families in an effort for justice and a fair and positive outcome for our clients. I also enjoy personal injury and helping individuals who have suffered injuries from car accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, or other unfortunate circumstances. I can decipher medical records very well, being taught by two close friends and doctors: past Head of the Internal Medicine Department at Bryn Mawr Hospital, Dr. Kent Balls (deceased), and neurologist and past head of the Department of Neurology at Bryn Mawr Hospital, Dr. Erik Freimuth (retired). I enjoyed watching them read records and MRI's while I asked many questions and learned a lot. 

I have been Gerard's paralegal for the past 13 years. I was certified as a paralegal from the Main Line Paralegal Institute in Wayne, specializing in criminal law and civil litigation. I had an interest in law in my late 20's, after growing up in the art field and the flower business. Both of my children became artists. My parents had a flower shop and green houses in West Philadephia where I lived until I was 7 years old. My father brought the family to Broomall, where I graduated from Marple Newton Senior High in Newtown Square. My children also are graduates from Maple Newtown Senior High. My son is a graphic artist and my daughter is a textile designer. 

I have a very interesting position, where there is never a dull moment, and each day is a new adventure.  

In my personal life, I enjoy the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. I was a trainer in a boxing gym under the guidance and close friendship of Hall of Famer Marty Feldman. I continue to lift weights and work out 4-5 days per week. I belong to a gun club and enjoy target shooting with my family and friends for recreation. I also have two Chihuahua dogs, Petey and Rosie, which take up a lot of my alone time, when we just hang out and sit in the backyard. I am glad to be Gerard's right- and left-hand man. I help with decisions, client intake, and overall working the cases in all levels.