If you’re like most dog owners, you probably enjoy walking your canine friend as much as possible. It’s a great and fun healthy activity for the dog and the owner, and some of the most popular places to do this are local trails and dog parks. Anytime you’re making use of a public area like that, however, you’re increasing the chances that your dog could be injured by another person’s dog. If your animal has been attacked, you may need a lawyer for a dog bite injury.

Can You Protect Your Dog?

A dog may even come from nowhere and initiate an attack, and it can lead an owner to wonder about the best possible approach for handling dog fights that are initiated by someone else’s pooch. You might feel torn about getting in the middle of a dogfight, but many pet owners are driven by a desire to protect their animals.

Carrying a walking stick is one way to have a tool to stop an ongoing dog fight since it can be used to separate the fighting pups. Likewise, having pepper spray on hand can be helpful if you are able to access it quickly. The sound from air horns can also scare the dog from attacking you and could help to break up an ongoing fight while alerting others that you may need assistance.

What to Do When a Dog Is Going to Attack Your Dog

Although some attacks can come out of nowhere, you can take a stand when you sense that a dog is about to attack by taking the following steps:

  • Yell “No” when the dog starts to approach and take one step towards the dog
  • Evaluate his aggression level by getting a glimpse of his eyes and ears
  • If you are able to get him to stand down, back up slowly but do not turn away
  • Stay calm throughout the interaction to reduce the chances that the dog feels provoke

One of your best defenses is simply being aware. Knowing how your own dog could possibly react is important, too. If your dog is defensive and feels the need to protect you, try to keep your walks to more private areas and avoid busy times. If you are able to prevent an attack from happening in the first place, you won’t need to worry about how to handle a fight.

How to Prevent Children From Dog Bite Injuries

Children, of course, will automatically try to protect their pup while unknowingly placing themselves in harms way. If you have an older child, he or she can take the above steps to prevent another dog from attacking your dog, but younger children simply can’t understand how to read a dog’s aggression level or how to act when an attack is imminent. If you have young children, never allow them to walk the dog or play with the dog around other dogs or in a public area alone. At home or in a fenced in back yard is the safest place for young children to spend time with their pets.

What to Do After an Attack

Take some time to educate yourself about dog behavior to be able to pick up on clues that a dog is feeling aggressive. This can help to not only protect your own dog, but you and your children as well. If your dog is attacked by another dog and you are not able to break up the right immediately, make sure that you seek veterinary attention for your pet and that you document any damage with photos or witness statements.

In the aftermath of a dog attack, it’s common to feel overwhelmed and concerned about your pet’s well-being, but it’s also in your best interests to write up a statement about what happened and to photo-document how the incident impacted your pet. At Schrom & Shaffer, P.C., we can help you seek damages for the harm done to your pet and/or yourself or family members following a dog attack. Contact a Philadelphia dog bite lawyer today to discuss your case.

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